Ladies of London Star Caroline Stanbury’s Closet Is Out of This World

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Caroline Stanbury, Ladies of London
Rebecca Miller/Bravo
Life across the pond if even more luxurious than we could have ever imagined, especially if you’re Caroline Stanbury. The Ladies of London star is taking us inside her glamorous closet and it’s sure to make the fashionista in every reader incredibly jealous.
“This was my dream closet, I’ve spent about a year designing and building,” Caroline says in the exclusive video below, which first debuted on E! News on Thursday.
She’s got things arranged by category: furs, boots, t-shirts, bags, shoes and more shoes. “I collect handbags and for me it’s almost like collecting art,” Caroline says. “I love to be able to see them. I enjoy my bags.” It’s the handbag/shoe room that she says people spend the most time in.

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